Design studio referral program

Refer your friends and colleagues to Tukuna Design Studio and receive 10% of all the design service orders your referral makes during the first 6 months!

How it works

Refer our services

Refers Tukuna Studio to anyone in need of design services. e.g. startup founder, marketing CEO

Referal to client

If the referral converts to a client you will get a notification


Recieve 10% of each payment mady by the client you reffered for 6 months

About Tukuna Studio

Tukuna designstudio team international

Our services

We help businesses with Website, Digital Products, Brand Identity, and Presentation Design, plus the accompaniment with any assets they may need throughout their growth.

What is Tukuna Studio?

  • Digital design studio based in Berlin
  • 4 core + 7 project team players
  • Specialist in Strategy, Creative Direction, Visual, UX/UI Design, Illustration, animation, development, and no code

Why Tukuna?

  • Holistic Design service, all in one
  • Guidance and fast executionQuality & competitive prices
  • Amazing collaboration atmosphere

Who are our clients and how we support them?


  • Fundraising support with a bold brand identity and presentation design
  • Converting websites that attract, lead and easily explain their product or service
  • Prototype and interface design for a digital product


  • UX/UI Support for digital products
  • Any asset design they need thought their growth
  • Consultancy in any design, creative or innovation topic
  • Workshop creation and moderation

Agencies Partners

  • We are agencies partners and we offer UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Illustration, Animation and Webflow implementation
  • We work with great communication always align with the team to achieve best results.

Are you interested?


  • Who is eligible to participate in the referral program?

    The referral program is open to anyone.

  • How will I know if I'm eligible for a referral fee?

    To be eligible for a referral fee, the new client must decide to work with Tukuna Studio and the company must receive payment for the work done. Tukuna Studio will keep you updated on the project's progress and the status of the collaboration each month.

  • What happens after the first 6 months?

    After the first 6 months of collaboration, the new client will remain exclusively with Tukuna Studio. You will not receive a referral fee for projects completed after the first 6 months.

  • How many referrals can I make?

    As many as you wish

  • Can I refer clients from any country?

    The referral program is open to anyone, regardless of their location.

  • When will I receive my referral fee?

    After receiving the payment for the client we will pay you in the next following 10 days.

    During the first 6 months of collaboration, Tukuna Studio will pay you 10% of the profit earned from all the projects started during this period.

  • Payment method?

    The referral fee will be calculated based on Tukuna Studio's revenue from the new customer and paid to the referring client via withdrawal after Tukuna Studio receives an invoice.

    Tukuna Studio could pay also the referral fee through various means including TransferWise, Western Union, Bitcoin, and others. If you have a preferred method of payment, please let Tukuna Studio know and they will do their best to accommodate your request

  • What if the project takes longer than 6 months to complete?

    Tukuna Studio will pay you 10% of the profit earned from all the projects completed during the first 6 months of collaboration.

    If one project takes longer than 6 months to complete, no worries we will pay your fee at the end of the project when we receive the final payment from the client.

    If the client decide to work in a monthly rate, we will pay the fee of the first 6 months.

  • Are there any restrictions or limitations on the referral program?

    Once Tukuna Studio has a close deal with a new customer, the referring client does not have any right to get involved in the projects.

  • How can I track the status of my referral?

    Tukuna Studio will inform the referring client of the status of the new customer at the end of each month.

  • Do I need to send an invoice for Tukuna?

    To receive the referral fee, the referring client must provide Tukuna Studio with a proper invoice indicating the amount due for the referral fee and following EU invoicing regulations. T

    ukuna Studio will only make payment for referral fees based on a proper invoice that meets EU regulations.

  • What if the customer I refer is already a client of Tukuna Studio?

    If the customer you refer is already a client of Tukuna Studio, you are still eligible for the referral fee as long as they were not previously referred by someone else.

    To ensure that you receive credit for your referral, it is important to make sure that your referral has not already been contacted by Tukuna Studio before you make the referral.